SBP Has Nothing to do with ATM Withdrawals as Viralled on Social Media

As per SBP, the news going viral on social media that the bank is putting some restrictions on withdrawals exceeding PKR 1,000 is unauthentic.


Recently, SBP announced that it has nothing to do with any restrictions on ATM withdrawal exceeding PKR 1,000. The news going viral on social media is all unauthentic.

It is further reported that the SBP said that it rejects the false messages on the internet attributing to it that the cash withdrawal limit is restricted to Rs. 1,000.

SBP announced this update using its Twitter handle:

SBP further said:

SBP does not put any limit on ATM withdrawal limit,

It is informed that social media was booming with fake news that ATM withdrawal exceeding PKR 1000 would be barred from January 23 to January 31, 2021.

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