SBP Grants Permission to Foree to Provide Payment Services in Pakistan

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The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has allowed Foree to provide payment services in Pakistan, as per a statement. Foree is basically a mobile payment platform that allows users to pay anyone using the QR code or mobile number, CNIC number, email address, twitter handle, Facebook or Foree address.

Foree is a low-cost digital platform for businesses used globally. It allows even the smallest merchant to begin accepting digital payments in an affordable manner. You don’t need any expensive POS machines for it.

Foree Founder and CEO Saleem Ropani said, “Foree is on a mission to make payments easy, interoperable and trusted to power economies by delivering financial inclusion and social-economic justice.”

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Adding, “Along with creating new avenues for jobs and formalization of the economy, through our technology, we are enabling access to financial services with ease and trust. Foree aims at becoming the backbone of Pakistan’s digital society.”

Foree has almost 150 million cellular users, 70 million 3G/4G/broadband subscribers, and 60 million bank accounts.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Foree Mehdi Hussain said, “Keeping our customers and users safe and delighted is our number one priority at Foree. We dedicate extensive resources to ensure all the user data and information is secure. We’ve built a company culture that reinforces trust at every opportunity.”

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