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SBP Denies Media Reports, Claims Data of Only One Bank Hacked


The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has denied the reports present in the mainstream media that the data of most banks had been hacked.

In a clarification statement issued on Tuesday, the SBP said that there is no proof to this effect nor has any information been given to the SBP by any bank or law enforcement agency.

As per the central bank, only with the exception of BankIslami, no hacking of any other bank account has been reported.

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In a comment on the temporary suspension of the foreign transaction by the number of banks, the SBP said that all these temporary restrictions would be taken off once suitable security steps are adopted. It is emphasized that all the restrictions are placed only on the international transactions and no bank has placed any bars on the domestic transactions.

The central bank has already given orders to all the banks to take measures for identifying and countering any cyber threat to their system in accordance with the foreign payment schemes. The representatives of the payment schemes have also given assurance that all the measures are being adopted to assist banks in recognizing any cyber threat on card systems and have provided extra controls to them.

That State Bank of Pakistan is busy with the foreign payment schemes, payment operators and banks for monitoring the present situation for ensuring the security and safeguard of the banking system.

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