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SBP Asks Banks to Give Disinfected Cash to People

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As per the reports of local media, the SBP has asked the banks to give disinfected cash to the people. This measure has been suggested amid the outbreak of the coronavirus to curb its spread.

On Twitter, via a series of tweets the State Bank of Pakistan said that it would make sure to clean, disinfect, seal and isolate all the collected cash from hospitals and clinics and to prevent its circulation in the market.

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The central bank asked banks to make sure of the continuous availability of cash at all the ATMs twenty-four seven.

The closure of the bank branches at large scale might cause rush and crowds at the operative branches, which may be counterproductive to the efforts for curbing the spread of the disease.

It also said that the banks might close branches where the staff is infected and for the required human resource is not available.

Previously, SBP said that all bank branches would remain open across the nation from Monday to Friday with minimum staff for ensuring that the essential banking services are provided without any hindrances.

As per the issued statement, all banks and their respective branches would stay open from 10 am in the morning to 4:30 pm on weekdays.

The central bank asked the bank employees to carry their original identity cards with them all the time. In case they do not have their CNIC and service card, then a letter must be with them issued by their employer certifying their employment with the respective organization, as per the directives of the State Bank.

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