Sazgar BAIC is Soon Launching 4 Cars in Pakistan


BAIC is supposedly launching four cars in Pakistan very soon. Subsequent to the PAPS Auto show that took place in February 2020, BAIC became one of the most fiercely awaited car manufacturers that were supposed to make its official entry into the market last year. Though, after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan, the business activities had to primarily be shut down and BAIC fell completely silent.

BAIC is one of the largest Chinese automakers that is apparently set to make an entrance in Pakistan in corporation with Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL). The automaker is setting up a vehicle assembly facility here in Pakistan, which is reportedly set to complete soon with the production to begin in a few days.

As per the reports, the automaker plans to make the cars available for sale within the next three months. The cars planned for launch are the same cars that were displayed back in the 2020 PAPS auto show, i.e., the D20 hatchback, the X25 crossover SUV, and the BJ40 off-road SUV.

Moreover, as the demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) is rising in Pakistan, the country owes to the launch the new EV policy. SEWL will also exchange terms with BAIC in that regard since the automaker has a huge presence in the EV market of China.

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