‘Say No To War’ Twitter Trend in India and Pakistan


The tension between India and Pakistan has escalated following Indian aircraft violating Pakistan airspace and Pakistan shooting down Indian jets that violated the country’s airspace, now the question is can we afford a war? Is war the right way to handle the situation? PM Imran Khan made sense when he said that both India and Pakistan can not afford a miscalculation. Also, there are people on both sides of the border who are saying that ‘Say No To War’. #SayNoTowar is trending on Twitter.

Let us look at some of the tweets.

Jeremy McLellan, “If these soldiers can have tea together and get along, why not IK and Modi? #SayNoToWar

An Indian tweeted, “#SayNoToWar Peaceful people never demand the war, strongly disclose the aggressive.”

A Pakistani tweeted, “War has never been a solution to any conflict. #SayNoToWar

Another twitterati tweeted, “The video of the Indian pilot Abhinandan in high spirits, sipping tea, praising his Pakistani counterparts, has single-handedly humanised this surreal conflict. A lot shall be written on this in times to come. #SayNoToWar

In short, “What WARS cost! Plz ppl of both nations, understand! It’s easy to give speeches while sitting under security in well furnished halls, n also easy to TWEET Patriotic tweets, but tbh only Soldiers hv to pay a price, there families n also poor ppl living near borders.”

An Indian tweeted, ” Imran Khan is gaining more respect.!! It’s your turn to #SayNoToWar Modi !! Our Army loves and their families matters…Not your petty political gain !! “

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