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Say goodbye to Toyota Corolla XLi & Corolla GLi

Toyota is discontinuing Corolla XLi and Corolla GLi. Both the cars were introduced by Toyota in 2001-2002 and since then they have been favorites of many consumers in Pakistan.

Now as per hearsay, Toyota Pakistan has made the decision to end these two models. Also, rumors are that Toyota Indus is going to end 1300cc Corolla. In replacement of it, a new 1300cc Toyota model will be introduced by the company. People believe the new model will compete with Honda City. It could be Yaris or Vios but more chance is that Toyota might just launch Toyota Vios 2018.

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This whole news is based on rumors and hearsay, nothing is yet confirmed. So if we go more on hearsay, Toyota might launch two variants of the new car, a sedan, and a hatchback model.

Now we do want Toyota to launch new models but is discontinuing XLi and GLi models the right way to move ahead.

The opinion of many Pakistani’s is that it is a good step as they are underpowered cars. The cars are not that fuel efficient so Vios Sedan is a preferable choice. The car will have a better engine and might just be cheaper. Others feel that Toyota is anyway really slow in introducing new models so it’s a good sign that it is getting rid of old models and introducing some new variety for the public.