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Saudi Women Would be Entering the Stadiums on Friday for the First Time

For the first time ever in the history of Saudi Arabia on Friday the sports stadium of the Kingdom would be opening their doors for women to attend the football matches as per the government announcement.

The first match that the women would be allowed to attend would be between Al-Ahli and Al-Batin on Friday that is the 12th of January, as per the statement release of the ministry of information on Monday.

The statement further mentioned that the women would be allowed to attend the second match following the first match and would also be permitted to attend the third match on the 18th of January.

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Women across the Kingdom would be able to make the most use of this advantage of the freedom to enter stadiums as the first match is to be held in the capital city Riyadh. The second match would be held in Jeddah on the Red Sea and the third and final match would be held in the eastern city of Dammam.

The Kingdom had earlier forbidden the women to enter the stadiums owing to the strict rules and regulations relating the segregation of sexes in public places.

Under the Kingdom’s present rulership many changes are being experienced especially from women starting from letting the women drive cars, to their employment in judicial courts and in technical work-related jobs.

The lift on the driving ban rule would be put into effect from June 2018 onwards.

Earlier in September 2017, hundreds of women were permitted to enter the sports stadium in Riyadh, mostly used for football matches. The women were permitted in the stadium to celebrate the Kingdom’s national day.

The social norms and controls are easing a bit as the crowned Prince Mohammad bin Salman is of the view to repackage the oil-rich country as more welcoming and moderate.

The Prince’s Vision 2030 for a post-oil period stems partially from the economic initiatives to encourage the local spending on entertainment as the country rolls from an energy fall.

The people of Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars per year in the neighbouring countries like Bahrain and Dubai for entertainment.

As part of the reforms drive it was also announced by the Saudi government that the ban on cinemas is also being lifted and the first movie theatres are expected to open this year in March.

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