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Saudi Women Would Be Allowed to Drive Motorcycles and Trucks

After the historic end to the ban on women driving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia three months ago, the officials have announced that the women in Saudi Arabia would also be able to drive motorcycles and trucks.

Earlier in September, King Salman released a declaration saying that the women would be able to drive from next June that is the June of 2018. This decision was taken as part of the reformation push drive going on in the Kingdom.

On Friday, the Saudi General Directorate of Traffic provided other details that would be following the newly lifted ban.

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On the official Saudi Press Agency, it was stated that the women in Saudi Arab would be authorised to drive motorcycles and even trucks. It was further added that the royal decision on lifting the driving ban revolves around the idea that the law on driving would be equal for both the men and women.

No special license plate numbers would be specific for the female-driven vehicles. However, if women are found in any traffic rules violation or in a road accident situation then they would be dealt with at special centres that would be made and operated by the women.

Saudi Arab was the only nation across the world to practise the ban on women driving and that portrayed a conservative image of the Kingdom.

The historic decision of allowing women to drive has been greeted and celebrated with immense pleasure both inside and outside the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is witnessing many changes and alterations in terms of it’s, for years practised or imposed bans. It is on the verge of advancement and is bringing in the needed variations for the much-desired transformation of the Kingdom.

The ban lift has opened many openings for the women of the country. This decision would also be improving the Kingdom’s socio-economic position.

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