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Saudi Women Get New Right—Permitting Their Kids to Travel

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Saudi women get new right—permitting their kids to travel after a significant change in the policy earlier this month.

As per the policy change, the Saudi mothers would be able to apply for the passports of the children in their custody and have been granted the permit to travel aboard under the new guidelines.

The amendments, presented on the website of the General Directorate of Passports of Saudi Arabia on Monday, defines about how a significant policy change previously this month—in which women of more than 21 years in age were allowed to leave the Kingdom without the permission of male relative. The new directive would be implemented from the end of August, as per the reports of Gulf News.

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The Saudi women’s rights activist has been campaigning for years against the guardianship system of the Kingdom, which makes women legal dependents of a male relative throughout the course of their lives—specifically a father or husband, but in some cases brother or son.

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has started to loosen the social bars at the heart of its economic transformation plan for the Kingdom, which depends on diversifying away from oil and attracting more foreign investment.

The new changes mention that men and women who are above 21 years in age could get their passports and travel without the approval of their guardian.

The ones who are under 21 would not be needing any permission in case they are married or travelling for study purposes on a government scholarship programme or going abroad for some official reasons.

Another policy shift is that the Saudis under 21 years in age and are orphans (fathers are dead) could get approval for travelling from their mothers as opposed to taking the permit from another male relative—however, the guidelines seemingly give priority to father if both parents are alive.

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