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Saudi Women Drivers—A Potential New Market for Various Car Businesses

FILE PHOTO: A woman drives a car in Saudi Arabia October 22, 2013. REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser/File Photo

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become the new attraction for automobile manufacturers, driving schools and ride-sharing applications ever since the ban lift of women driving in Saudia, last month.

Thomson Reuters Foundation told this Monday that Uber, car service providers are planning to employee female trainers who could teach driving to Saudi women willing to join Uber’s team. They plan to implement this by the end of this year. The company intends to open its first “female partner support center” to provide immediate assistance to female drivers.

Shaden Abdellatif, spokeswoman for Uber for the Middle East and North Africa region said that Uber wishes to make a devoted center for women who want to be drivers in the Kingdom.
King Salman ordered the ban lift on the female driving in Saudi Arabia by the end of this year in a royal verdict dispensed on the 26th of September. This decision would help women getting into the workforce and could generate good results for the overall economy of the country. Uber claims that it wishes to be a part of this progressive change”.

Abdellatif said that the cars could serve as a complete small independent business for women this would attract women and encourage them to get into the idea of part-time-business opening.

One of the female universities in Riyadh, Princess Nourah Bin Abdulrahman University was the first university to tweet about opening a driving school for females, in the Kingdom.

Automobile industry also welcomed this news of, letting women drive cars decree, to be practiced since June 2018. Nissan tweeted and congratulated the Saudi females showing a license plate with registration number “2018 GRL”. BMW also applauded the decision.

As per the prediction of LMC Automotive the car sales in Saudi Arab would be rising by fifteen to twenty percent once the decision is implemented.

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But, so much so as this is good news for all the Saudi females out there it could also become a bad news for the 1.3 million men residing in Saudi Arab employed as chauffeurs and drivers including the expat workforce.

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