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Saudi Visa Issuance in Three Minutes

It has been announced by the Saudi authorities that instant e-tourism visa will be issued to visitors who are buying online tickets for the Jeddah Season festival. Saudi visa issuance will be within three minutes as reported by the Saudi media and citing organizers.

The aim of issuing a visa within three minutes is to boost tourism and facilitate travelers visiting to attend the Jeddah Season festival.

On June 8th the 40-day “Sea and Culture” festival of fun and entertainment started. It will continue till July 18th. For the first time, the international shows and plays will be presented in the Kingdom.

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The entertainment program will highlight the city being the highly visited destination and also encourage collaborations with the local businesses. The program will create 20,000 jobs.

The Jeddah season started with the concert by Emirati singer Ahlam who is also known as the Queen of the Gulf. On day two the known Saudi vocalist Mohammed Abdo while on day three Egyptian star Amr Diab performed. The shows were held at the King Abdullah Sports City.

There are many other events planned for the festival including music performances and parades, award-winning international visual arts displays that will have 3-D special effects lights shows inspired by the Baroque art. Also, there will be amazing mountain and laser shows and glow garden that will feature customized art pieces. They will depict marine wildlife of the Red Sea.

Earlier, Shura Council of Saudi Arabia gave approval to the new green card style residency scheme and put an end to the decade-old Kafala system under which an immigration status of a migrant worker was bound to an individual employer or sponsor.