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Saudi Students to Learn Chinese Language in Schools, Universities

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The Saudi Crown Prince—Mohammad bin Salman has taken the decision of including the Chinese language in the syllabus of schools and universities at all stages in the Gulf Kingdom.

On Saturday the China Global Television Network (CGTN) while citing Saudi ministry of media reported that in an attempt to boost the relationship of friendliness and cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for strengthening the strategic partnership at all the levels, it has been decided that the Chinese language would be included in the curriculum at all stages of the Kingdom schools and universities.

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The decision was taken as the Saudi Crown Prince headed a high-level delegation to Beijing, where he conducted talks with the apex Chinese officials with the objective of boosting comprehensive strategic alliance between Saudi Arabia and China.

It is important to mention that the Saudi Crown Prince—Mohammad bin Salman also referred to as MbS is on his first official state visit. Pakistan was the first country he visited on his tour.

Pakistan gave a historic welcome to the royal guests. Investments were brought in during this visit.

After Pakistan, MbS went with his delegation to India, where also they made economic deals. Following India, the Crown Prince has gone to China.

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