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Saudi Prince Orders for the Release of 2107 Pakistani Prisoners

The Saudi Crown Prince—Mohammad bin Salman in a major development has given orders for the immediate release of 2107 Pakistani prisoners who are in the Saudi jails, as per Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting.

Fawad Chaudhry—the Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister in his message on the social media site—Twitter, tweeted that as a result of the request of the Prime Minister—Imran Khan to the Saudi Crown Prince, the royal highness of the Kingdom—Mohammad Bin Salman has directed for the immediate release of 2107 Pakistani prisoners from the Saudi jails.

While speaking at the banquet that was arranged in the honour of the royal guests, PM Khan referred to the problems faced by the Pakistani Hajj pilgrims in the Kingdom and requested to the Saudi Crown Prince that their immigration be done in three big cities of Pakistan,

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He also referred to the issues faced by the Pakistani workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whom he considers very dear and close to heart.

The PM stated that the Crown Prince has won the hearts of Pakistanis when he said that consider him the ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Prince said this in response to the PM’s request to treat the 2.5 million Pakistanis employed in KSA as his own.

Imran Khan also requested to take steps for the early release of the 3,000 Pakistani prisoners in the jails of Saudi Arabia.

In response to the request of PM Khan, the crown prince said that Saudi Arabia would do whatever it could for addressing these issues.

In this matter, Shah Mehmood Qureshi—the Foreign Minister said on Monday that 2107 prisoners would be freed from the jails of KSA immediately while the cases of the remaining prisoners would be reviewed.

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