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Saudi man donated his one kidney to a stranger

A Saudi man donated one of his kidneys to a secondary school student whom he has never met before.

34-year-old, Mohammed Jommah Al-Banna, works in a private sector and did not think twice to decide to donate his one kidney to the girl named Wajidan Al-Enezi, who suffered from chronic kidney disease since she was six years old.

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“I have donated my one kidney to a stranger person whom I have never met before. I help her to live a normal life and hopes that Allah (SWT) will reward me for this act, I keep this donation confidential and I didn’t let anyone know about it before the surgery”, Al Banna said.

Al-Banna was seemed very satisfied with his decision to gift his kidney and help someone in such critical situation. He said that “I went to the King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk and asked the officials of the hospital that I want to donate my one kidney to a person who is in urgent need. The officials suggested me the name of the girl who had lost all hopes to stay alive considering her at the last stages”.

The father of six-year-old Wajidan Al-Enezi said to the Arab News that “I had left all hopes for my daughter’s survival until I was told that a stranger has agreed to donate his one kidney to my daughter”.