Saudi Labour Market In Trouble By Losing 257,000 Foreign Workers

saudi workers

The Saudi Statistics Department has released statistics on Saudi and foreign workers in the kingdom during the third quarter of 2020. According to Arab News and Newspaper 24, the Statistics Department has said that the number of foreign workers decreased by 257,200 during the third quarter of 2020.

The Statistics Department said that 81,900 Saudi employees have been reduced during the quarter. The number of Saudi employees across the country is recorded at 3.25 million. It should be noted that the spread of Coronavirus has affected the labour market in Saudi Arabia. Social media users have commented on the statistics released by the statistics department.

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A user named Muhammad Hammad said that the report claims that 257,000 Saudis have left the labour market, while most of them are foreigners. Saud al-Hamidani wrote that it is strange that 257,000 foreigners left and the number of Saudi employees has decreased by 81,000. The question is where more than one lac posts have gone. A user named Saud Al-Shammari wrote that he wants to know how the statistics department collects these statistics. One user commented that in my opinion, both Saudis and foreigners are equal.

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