Saudi Govt. Imposes SAR.2,000 Tax for Second time Umrah Pilgrims

ssecond time Umrah pilgrims

The Saudi government has imposed a tax of SAR.2,000 for the second time Umrah pilgrims.

As per the reports of local media, the immediate implementation of the new Umrah policy has also deferred the approval of Umrah visas.

According to the reports, the government of Saudi Arabia has imposed a tax of SAR.2,000 per person for the individuals interested in commencing the holy journey for the second time in a year.

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Owing to the immediate implementation of the new Umrah policy, the approval of Umrah visas also deferred because of which many Umrah aspirants could not travel from the Muharram 1 to the Kingdom as they have been banned from issuing Umrah visas without a package.

The government has announced fewer working hours for September 6 for observing the Defence Day and the Kashmir Solidarity Day.

All the offices across Pakistan would close at 3:00 pm.

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