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Saudi Crown Prince Reportedly Hacked Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’s Phone

Richest person in the world

Amazon’s Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos has reportedly been spied on with the direct involvement of the Saudi Royal Family.  

According to the report published by Guardian, Jeff Bezos’s mobile phone was hacked in 2018, if the hijacking attempt was made through the common hacking attempts it would have failed quite easily, however, the attempt was made via Mohammed Bin Salman’s personal phone using his personal WhatsApp.

According to the Forensic details, a Trojan-Spy Malware was sitting behind the video file, Bezos received this file during a friendly conversation between him and Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman. It was also reported that a large amount of data was download after this hack within a few hours, however, the information on what exactly was downloaded is unclear.

There are the numbers of assumptions being made by the observers, after a few months being hacked, Amazon’s founder was in the news with private photos and private matters including affair which led to his divorce, Amazon’s shares were under immense pressure at that time.

There was also a question about the linkage between spying and the murder of Saudi Arabian Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The journalist also worked for Washington Post which is owned by Bezos, the Arabian Journalist was murdered in October 2018 soon after visiting the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Saudi Embassy in the United States refused the allegations initially after the news.

These are absurd. An investigation was also requested to clarify the matter. There are a number of journalists out there now speculating the mobile hack and trying to join the dots together. But we cannot say anything for sure without any well-equipped investigations.

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