Saudi authorities to allow women pilgrims to travel alone to the Kingdom for Haj

The authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon to allow the women pilgrims to perform Haj without being accompanied by a male guardian from their immediate family called Mahram.

The Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah is likely to pave a way for allowing the women pilgrims to come without the need for a ‘mahram’.

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On the other hand, the ministry is also conducting the studies to issue visit visas for both tourism and Umrah purposes.

Currently, the women from around the world are required to travel to the Saudi Kingdom to perform pilgrimages with a ‘mahram’, or be met with a male accomplice on the arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi state media, although the women over the age of 45 are allowed to travel to the kingdom without a ‘mahram’ if they are in an organized tour group, they must submit a notarized letter of no objection from a male member of their family.

When applicable, the new decision from the government to allow women to travel alone to the Saudi Kingdom for Haj will be among a number of developments in the Haj and Umrah sector.

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