Saudi Aramco And STC Develops A SuperComputer Dammam 7

Dammam 7

Saudi Aramco and STC on Tuesday announced the unveiling of the supercomputer, one of the ten most powerful computers in the world. According to Arab News and Saudi news agency SPA, the new computer has been named ‘Dammam 7‘. The decision was made to commemorate the first oil well in Saudi Arabia.

A new computer has been developed in Al-Dhahran Valley. It will be used to explore for oil and modernize oil wells. Thanks to this, decisions in the field of oil exploration and investment can be made easily. The two companies said in a statement that the supercomputer offers new opportunities in both exploration and development. Enhances Aramco’s decision-making on research and investment decisions.

Amin Nasir, President and CEO of Saudi Aramco, said: “Continuing investment in cutting-edge technology is an integral part of our company’s long-term growth strategy and investing in Dammam 7 technology is another step in our project that leads to productivity. Flexibility is created. Dammam 7 is a very efficient computer.

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Its performance is 55.4 petaFLOPS and it can process and visualize geophysical datasets around the world. This computer will make traditional oil production and exploration methods a thing of the past. Engineer Amin al-Nasser, head of Saudi Aramco, said the computer was extremely fast, the most powerful in the Middle East and the most prominent in the world. He said the Dammam 7 supercomputer would help implement a long-term strategy in the field of oil production and exploration. Great information gained over a period of 80 years, a summary of statistics will be available in a few hours and it will be thanks to this computer. Expenses from the Dammam 7 supercomputer will be limited. This will reduce carbon pollution and improve energy efficiency.

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