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Saudi Arabia Women Fitness Centre Closed Over ‘Indecent’ Workout Video

The Saudi sports authorities have closed down a female fitness centre in the capital city of Kingdom—Riyadh on Friday over an argumentative promotional video that showed a woman in a figure-revealing workout attire.

Turki al-Sheikh—the Saudi sports authority chief posted a tweet as he instructed that the centre’s license to be withdrawn he said that we are not going to accept this.

Turki al-Sheikh also informed the authorities to investigate and prosecute the ones who are behind this video. Sheikh is also an adviser to the crowned Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

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The video which went viral on social media but could not be independently verified by the AFP displayed a woman with uncovered hair in a gym and kicking and punching a bag.

The General Sports Authority said that the video had scenes that could corrupt public morals.

Saud al-Qahtani—a media adviser to the royal court, praised the sports authority’s immediate action, saying on Twitter that Saudi Arabia was on the way towards ‘moderation but without moral breakdown’.

Women are needed to wear body-covering abaya robes and also must cover their hair in public places in many parts of the Kingdom.

Last year in July, the police inquired a woman who appeared in a lot of videos, initially posted on Snapchat, wearing a crop top on a high-waisted mini skirt.

She had been making videos in the north of Riyadh, playing with sand dunes. She was later released without charges.

Saudi Arabia in mid of its liberation-drive has permitted a lot of things like women would be allowed to drive from June this year and have also been allowed to enter the sports stadiums. The government is also looking toward making physical training classes mandatory for girls.

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