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Saudi Arabia Woman Arrested for Hugging A Male Singer at Concert

A Saudi Arabia woman has been arrested for breaking on the stage during a concert at Souq Okaz in the city of Taif and embracing the Iraqi singer—Majid al-Muhandis.

As per the authorities, the woman has been fined up to one lac Saudi Riyals for hugging the Iraqi singer and has been seized under a new harassment law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The singer has also got a Saudi citizenship and is extensively famous in the Gulf region majorly for his romantic melodies.

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The identified woman was wearing a full-length cloak (abaya) and a face-covering veil (niqab) when she rushed to the stage for hugging the Iraqi singer. The veiled woman was as per reports attending the Muhandis’ concert in Taif—a city located in the southwestern Makkah province when she was given a dare by her friends to hug the singer.


According to the police statement, the woman was arrested on Friday night for the criminal acts as per the anti-harassment regulatory act, as reported by the Arab News and BBC.

The video that is circulating on the social media displayed the woman was standing in mid of the audience when she suddenly ran towards the pop singer, who tried to step back before she was immediately pulled away by the security officials. The Iraqi-born singer maintained his composure and continued to sing even after the incident.

This incident has brought out many different kinds of responses, with many people debating that this was just a normal reaction when someone meets their favorite celebrities. A Saudi journalist, writer, and novelist—Samar Al-Mogren tweeted in Arabic that admiration and obsession with artists and celebrities are present throughout the world, so the incident should not be judged based on nationality.

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