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Saudi Arabia Welcomes Opening of Second Cinema

In Riyadh, the film fans witnessed the opening of the second cinema on Monday night.

The opening was done by another player that has decided to enter the Kingdom’s fast-growing entertainment market. VOX cinemas have the privilege of opening the second cinema of Saudi Arabia in the capital city, Riyadh. Apparently, VOX cinemas would be giving competition to AMC cinemas which have already entered the Saudi entertainment landscape.

VOX cinema assures affordable prices and a much more practical location, situated inside a beautifully built mall. The new shopping centre—Riyadh Park—which gets pure sunlight from all sides during daytime and has got many shops that are yet to be opened. The mall construction is such that it is suitable for all the movie-lovers.

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Ticket prices at the VOX cinemas start from SAR 50 ($13.3). The cinema is also provided with Imax 3D. The movie tickets would be going on sale in three days’ time online or via the VOX app.

The first cinema of the Kingdom was opened under the sponsorship of the Minister of Culture and Information—Awwad Al-Awwad. It is the fist first four-screen multiplex of the Kingdom. It has even gone through movie screening; the screened movies were “Infinity Wars” and “Avengers”.

The cinema is located on the first floor of the mall and is surrounded by an entertainment centre and restaurants. The four theatres could easily accommodate a larger number of movie fans and a collection of movies could be screened simultaneously.

VOX cinema is a subsidiary of Majid Al-Futtaim (MAF) and is the biggest cinema chain of the MENA region.

Saudi Arabia has plans of opening 350 cinemas throughout the Kingdom by 2030, which would be including 2,500 screens. The cinemas are expected to contribute to the economy by generating $25 billion.

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