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Saudi Arabia to Open its First Night Club

Night club

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to get its very first night club. The night club is being opened in Jeddah which would play music the whole night.

The concept of night clubs and dances, in Muslim countries, is a super sensitive issue, something that is not at all taken lightly. Saudi Arabia is the one country where the Islamic principles and regulations are comparatively strict.

Ever since Mohammad bin Salman—the Saudi Crown Prince has taken the reins of the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has been undergoing a lot of modern changes like permitting women to drive, the opening of cinemas, allowing women in stadiums to watch matches and many such more decisions.

However, the most recent development towards modernization is super shocking both for the residents of the Kingdom and also for the rest of the world. The country is to get its first night club in Jeddah.

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The nightclub would be opened by White, which has already got its night clubs in Dubai and Beirut. The brand is now expanding its franchises in the Kingdom.

The night club would be opened based on purely Halal products.

As per the official reports, the night club would not sell alcohol or drinks that have got alcohol in them to the customers, as alcohol is banned in the Kingdom.

But the night club would be playing all kinds of music the entire night. It could not be said with clarity that whether both genders would be permitted in the club at the same time or not.

Ne-Yo—a famous American singer and songwriter have been invited for giving a performance on the opening of the night club.

The night club is said to accommodate up to 2,200 people at one time.

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