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Saudi Arabia to Launch World’s Largest Centre for Halal Food and Products

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has plans of launching the World’s Largest Halal food and products centre. The Food and Drugs Authority of Saudi Arabia has announced about the plans, Gulf Business reported.

Hisham bin Saad Al Jedaie—the executive chairman of the organization informed that the plans regarding the making of the centre are part of the Vision 2030 and is focused at making use of the Kingdom’s geographical location between the continents and its role as the place where Islam was born.

The centre would also be providing a reference for the halal food products and services, halal certification and research and studies in association with other research centres and universities.

The goal of making the centre includes a local commitment to making imported quality goods meeting the halal requirements. The items include both food and other products—cosmetics, poultry, medicines, meat, medical devices and other food commodities.

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The centre would also target at becoming the “global halal representative” via ties with the domestic and international logistics service providers and Islamic and non-Islamic stakeholders and to flourish the Kingdom’s halal economy by creating more job opportunities for the Saudi nationals.

As per the announcement the vision of the centre is to become the Islamic leader in halal products and to make the Islamic dimension of the Kingdom strong via a supervisory system and super-efficient human resources functioning within the boundaries of Islamic Sharia and for remaining ahead of the development of the food industry.

Once the centre would be formed providing halal certificates, logos to establishments and products, the acknowledgement of halal certification bodies, training and a reference library for halal products would come under its domain.

So far, no opening date or the amount of investment done on the project has been revealed.

The plans might make the Kingdom a strong competitor with the neighbouring Gulf country—Dubai, which is planning to make itself as the hub of the halal market.

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