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Saudi Arabia To Launch Its Own Messaging App Like WhatsApp

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Saudi Arabia has started preparations to create a messaging app like WhatsApp. According to foreign reports, Saudi Arabia’s messaging app will be developed soon which users will be able to use within a year. According to Dr. Basil, director of the National Center for Information Security, the app is being developed entirely by Saudis and takes special care of users’ privacy and security. He said that this application, an alternative to WhatsApp, will be launched within a year.

Earlier, traders were facing a lot of trouble due to the lockdown during the Coronavirus, but small business people had switched to the WhatsApp business version to keep the business going, which was very beneficial. More than five million users create accounts on WhatsApp Business every month, of which 1.5 million are from India.

For users using the WhatsApp Business version, the administration introduced two new features, including QR codes and catalog sharing. Both of these features have been shown to be useful for small businesses.

via Gulf News

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