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Saudi Arabia to hire Saudi women in country’s army

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened another door for the Saudi women by allowing them to join the country’s military.

This move by the Saudi Government will give Saudi women an opportunity to work in the security, however, the roles do not appear to involve combat.

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The decision to hire women in Army is a part of Saudi reforms plan, as Kingdom has already taken many steps to empower the Saudi women.

Women candidates are allowed to apply for the positions with the rank of the soldier until Thursday in the Saudi cities including Riyadh, Mecca, al-Qassim and Medina Munawra. The candidates should be Saudi citizens, the age should be between 25 to 35, and also have a high-school diploma, according to the list of 12 requirements.

The women and their male guardians—usually a husband, brother, father, and son – should also be residents of the same province as the job’s location.