Saudi Arabia to Donate 7,000 Tonnes of Dates This Year

King Salman Centre for Relief and Humanitarians Aid (KSRelief) made an announcement on Sunday that the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and thirty nations around the globe would be receiving seven thousand tonnes of dates this year donated by the KSRelief.

Dr Abdullah Al Rabeeah—the Advisor to the Royal Court and the Supervisor General of KSRelief Centre said that donation of dates was a part of the government’s aid programmes for distributing them in 2018, as per the reports of Khaleej Times.

Four thousand tonnes of dates are to be donated to the WFP and another set of three thousand tonnes of dates would be sent to more than thirty nations around the world, according to Al Rabeeah.

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He mentioned that Saudi Arabia is famous for the aid programmes it facilitates the countries with. Over the span of last two years, it has attained a total of $65.9 billion which covers more than eighty nations around the globe.

Saudi Arabia has got the greatest number of date palm trees in the world, which roughly counts for almost twenty-five percent of the world’s dates produced.

Saudi Arabia in accordance with its humanitarian spirit and as a channel of distributing the aid with efficiency, the Kingdom has long been a leader in the region for the humanitarian affairs and has displayed a deep binding towards providing aid to those who are most in need throughout the world.

Last week the centre reported that it distributed around three thousand boxes of dates for providing nutritional aid to the eighteen thousand people residing in the Harib district of the Ma’rib governorate in Yemen.

The centre was established in the year 2015, and since then it is carrying out 217 programmes to raise the sufferings of the people in Yemen.

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