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Saudi Arabia to Allow Women in Sports Stadiums

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would now be allowing women to enter the stadiums from next year onwards, mentioned by authorities on Sunday.  The announcement about letting women take part in sports events came one month after the biggest decision of allowing women to drive in Saudi Arab.

For this decision relating women allowance in stadiums three earlier purely male stadiums would now be opened for families.

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The Kingdom had the rules of segregation of sexes in public owing to this rule women were not allowed to enter the stadium premises.

This release is in line with the reform plans of Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

On Twitter, the General Sports Authority said that the preparations are being done to get three stadiums in Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh ready by early 2018 to accommodate families.

Cafes, Video screens, and restaurants would also be set up inside the stadiums, as per the authorities.

Last month that is in September women were allowed to enter the Riyadh stadium on the Kingdom’s national day for the day related celebrations. This stadium is mostly used for football matches.

The announcement made on Sunday ensures that women alongside men would be able to enjoy live sports in stadiums for the very first time.

The Kingdom of Saudi Araseemsseem to be altering its certain prevalent norms specially for women as part of its extensive “Vision 2030” plan for social and economic changes for the preparation of a post-oil age.

This recent measure would definitely prove good for the women of Saudi Arab as they would get a chance to get engage in something healthy and fun. This would bring an overall betterment in the life styles and health of the women.

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