Saudi Arabia Seals 3 Cities Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Saudi Arabia seals 3 cities

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia has taken the decision of sealing 3 cities amid coronavirus outbreak. The Kingdom on Wednesday sealed off the capital city, Riyadh and two other cities, which are the holiest cities of Islam and has extended the curfew hours as it reported its second death from the coronavirus epidemic.

The Kingdom has also barred the entry and exit points of Riyadh as well as of Makkah and Madinah and have barred the movement between all the provinces, as per the official Saudi Press Agency. According to the health ministry, the total number of infections in the Kingdom has reached 900.

Saudi Arabia has reported the highest number of infections among the Gulf countries. It began imposing an 11-hour curfew across the Kingdom starting from 7 pm for limiting the spread of the deadly coronavirus illness.

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The curfew hours were brought forward to 3 pm in the 3 cities, as per the news agency of Saudia.

The authorities have got the plan of implementing the curfew for a total of 21 days and have issued a warning that the transgressors would face a fine of 10,000 SAR and could also face jail for repeated violations.

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