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Saudi Arabia Reportedly Agreed to Start Building Christian Churches

As per the reports of Egypt Independent, Riyadh the capital city of the Kingdom has signed an agreement with the Vatican for the making of churches for the Christian citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This agreement was sealed during the visit of the Vatican cardinal—Jean Louis Pierre Tauran to Saudi Arabia.

Since centuries, Saudi Arabi has been devoid of any official churches for the Christian residents to practise their religious rituals. It seems that things are likely to change, as the Muslim Kingdom is set to construct a number of churches in its land.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdel Karim Al-Issa—Secretary General of the Muslim World League and the Cardinal—Jean Louis Tauran—the President of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Interreligious Dialogue has reportedly signed an agreement. As per the agreement, a joint committee would be formed comprising of representatives from both sides for organizing future meetings. The meeting sites would be alternated between Rome and a city chosen by the Islamic World League.

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Last month, Tauran became the first senior Catholic authority to pay a visit to the Kingdom, and it was even the first time for a Saudi King to meet a high-profile official from the Vatican.

Tauran while talking to the Vatican News after the visit to Saudi Arabia said that it is an indication that the Saudi authorities are now ready for giving a new image to the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is the only country of the region that prohibits the construction of churches and all types of open Christian worship. It is the home to the Muslims’ holiest, Makkah and Madinah, this move would for sure be sparking outrage among the Islamic hardliners. But the Vatican has urged the Kingdom to build the churches since many foreign workers—Christians by religion are forced to cross-border to find places where they could worship.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman—the Saudi Crown Prince has been bringing a lot of reforms under the Vision 2030, which is focused at the country’s social and economic development, by bringing in changes like permitting women to drive, making of movie theatres and allowing public concerts.

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