Saudi Arabia Removes Gender-Segregated Entrances for Eateries

Gender-Segregated Entrances

The restaurants and cafes across Saudi Arabia are no longer required to have gender-segregated entrances, as per the officials.

The ministry of the municipalities and the rural affairs tweeted on Sunday that it was eradicating the many requirements for the restaurants, which includes the need for a separate entrance for the bachelors and a separate entrance for the families.

Eateries have long asked for one entrance for single men and another for women and families only. It was not clear whether a bar on the seating inside the restaurants would also be removed.

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There was no announcement of the changes to other public setups, like schools and hospitals, which apparently are likely to remain separated for now.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia—Mohammad Bin Salman seeks to project a moderate, business-friendly image of the Kingdom as he is looking for increasing the investment.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has got the reputation of being a bold reformer suffered after the murder of the US-based Saudi journalist—Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed by the Saudi agents last year inside the Istanbul consulate of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, as per the latest news, Pakistan is to construct mega strategic reserves under the CPEC project.

The government is working on a multi-branched formulation for the making of the gas shortage facilities, which the country currently lacks for smooth supply of the commodity during the peak winter and summer seasons.

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