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Saudi Arabia Goes on Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Fears

coronavirus fears

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has gone on breakdown this Thursday as a precaution in order to fight with the contagious infection coronavirus.

The country has given 72 hours to the people who came for umrah or those who are on visit visas to go back to their own countries. The airlines have also been informed about this decision.

On the other hand, Pakistan International Airlines are taking measures to bring Pakistani citizens back to their homeland safely. Additional flight schedules will be announced soon by the national carrier. These flights will function in order to facilitate Pakistani citizens.

A few days back Saudi Arab suspended all its flights from Pakistan and also the other many countries.

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Temporarily they have suspended flights from Swiss confederation, Philippines, Sudan, Srilanka, Pakistan, India and from European Union countries.

Flights going to and coming from Sudan, Kenya, Federal Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Eritrea have also been suspended.

Up till now 45 cases of coronavirus has been diagnosed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The citizens and nationals of the country have been covered by the ban that has applicable residency a time period of 72 hours to return back to Saudi Arab.

Even the passenger traffic through the land crossings have been suspended with Jordan in Saudi Arab. Only the cargo and commercial traffic is allowed and also the passage of humanitarian cases. The suspension also excluded health workers who were mainly the citizens of India and the Philippines.

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