Saudi Arabia Gives Approval to the New Green Card Residency Scheme

new green card

The Shura Council of Saudi Arabia has given approval to the new green card style residency scheme.

As per the reports of Arab News on Thursday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has put an end to the decade-old Kafala system under which an immigration status of a migrant worker was bound to an individual employer or sponsor—Kafeel during the period of contract.

The authorised draft of the new privileged Iqama system would be offering a bunch of advantages to the highly skilled expatriates and the owners of capital funds. Unlike the current Iqama system, all such residents would no more be requiring a Saudi sponsor or employer.

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The advantages on the offer encompass the ability to recruit workers, job opportunities in the private sector, ownership of both property and transport, freedom of movement and exit from Saudi Arabia and return and the use of special lines at the airports.

Under the new system, a guarantee of specific fees is needed. There are 2 categories—an extended Iqama and a temporary one.

The eligible expatriates must possess a valid passport with a credit report, no criminal record and a health report.

As per a recent development during the holy month of Ramazan for facilitating the Pakistanis who willing to travel to the holy land for performing Umrah, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has increased the Umrah flights.

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