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Saudi Arabia Extends Ban on Umrah Pilgrims Until March 31

ban on Umrah pilgrims

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia extended a ban on the entry of Umrah pilgrims from the different nations which includes Pakistan until the 31st of March as the Saudi Airline has issued the directives for annulling all the air tickets until the defined deadline, as per the reports of local media.

As per a circular, that was issued on Tuesday, the airline said that the ban would include the ones who are travelling on Umrah and the tourist visa from the nation due to the current situation after the global outbreak of the coronavirus and the reports of 5 virus-infected cases from the country.

The countries besides Pakistan that would be put under the ban imposition includes South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and others.

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It asked the airline to put off the ticket penalties and to refund the complete ticket amount. The passengers were asked to avoid from visiting the airports to avoid any inconvenience and to contact the Sales Support Centre of Saudi Airlines for the refund.

The airline has extended the orders for the cancellation of all tickets to the airport station managers at the major airports of the country which includes the ones in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Only the ones who have got the iqama and business and family visit visa could travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until the deadline.

On the 27th of February, many pilgrims were offloaded by the Pakistan national flag carrier and other private airlines after the temporary ban on Umrah pilgrims by Saudi Arabia for attempting to ensure the public safety by preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

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