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Saudi Arabia Denies Pressurizing Pakistan Over Malaysia Summit

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The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan on Saturday has strongly denied the reports making rounds that Saudi Arabia has pressurized Pakistan to miss the 4-day Malaysia summit in Kuala Lumpur.

As per a statement, the Saudi mission said that the news has been boosted by some parties about the pressure exerted on Pakistan by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for discouraging its participation in the mini-summit that was held in Malaysia, and all such reports are fake and baseless.

The embassy emphasized that such fake reports have already been refused by the nature of the solid brotherly ties the two nations have got.

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The mission mentioned that the 2 nations have agreed on the significance of unity of the Islamic nation and at maintaining the Organization of Islamic Cooperation–OIC. The statement highlighted the combined respect of the independence and sovereignty the two nations possess and added that it is a key feature of the well-formed historical ties.

The denial of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came a day after the President of Turkey Erdogan claimed that Riyadh has issued economic threats to Pakistan in order to force it to retreat from a gathering of the leaders in Malaysia.

The 4-day conference, which started in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday to address some of the issues being faced by the Islamic world.

Saudi Arabia and its leaders were not attending the summit as it was being held outside the aegis of the 57-member OIC based in Jeddah.

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