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Saudi Arabia Bans Hiring of Foreigners for Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality Jobs

A new process has been imposed named as Saudization in all the furnished apartments and hotels in Saudi Arabia which focuses on appointing only Saudi nationals at the posts of specialists and other hospitality jobs in the country.

The Saudi Arabian Labour and Social Development Ministry stated that this process have been launched from 27th December, Friday for the hospitality jobs in hotels and apartments.

The aim of the ministry is basically to bring 100% Saudization in the above-mentioned sectors in the first phase.

SPA, a Saudi news agency announced that the move made by the ministry was approved by Ahmed Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, minister of Labour and Social Development.

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The Saudization process asks to fill in all the positions of the resorts, hotels rating 3 stars or higher and hotel apartments rating 4 stars or higher, by the Saudis starting from the front-desk jobs till the management. The process stated doormen, porters and drivers as exceptions. Some other jobs restricted only to the Saudis include health club service and restaurant host.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to develop the fledgling tourism industry and is also trying hard to deal with the unemployment of the citizens which was affected 13% last year. The latest sector facing strict policies of Saudization is hospitality which aims to remove foreigners from the private sectors especially blue collar and service jobs.

These policies will help Saudi Arabia to create new jobs in the country which is heavily relying on cheap foreign labour. Although as per some businesses this process is lowering productivity and increasing the cost of hiring.

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