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Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Work for the First Time

Saudi Women are allowed to work for the Ministry of Justice for the first time in Saudi History.

Those Saudi women who have postgraduate degrees in Sharia, law, sociology and administration specializations can now be hired. Various fields are open for them now. They can be hired as social researchers, religious researchers, legal researcher and administrative assistants. This news is confirmed by Justice Minister Waleed Bin Mohammad Al Samaan.

Responsibilities that would be given to the women will fall under women’s sections in courts and notary public offices.

Soon the ministry will post job positions on its website. Women will be given an opportunity to work in Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and Dammam.

Al Samaan said “The Ministry of Justice is keen to open the door to employment for Saudi women because they have an important role in facilitating the provision of services in the judicial and documentation fields. Saudi women have achieved numerous successes in various fields.”

Saudi Arabia is going through a revolution. The country is moving towards modernization and empowerment of women. They have been permitted to drive, allowed in sports stadiums, permitted to participate with men, and now contribute to the society by working alongside men.

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This is all part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The objective here is to increase women participation in the workforce from 22 to 30%.

Generally, people are happy that Saudi women are given a chance to take part in economic activities, as for the conservative figures, they are always there for criticism.