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Saudi Arab to Start Issuing Tourist Visas

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia agreed to the plan of issuing tourist visas in the country for the first time. Currently, only employment, business, and study related visas are issued.

Other than these categories Kingdom also grants visas for religious pilgrimages that is for Umrah and Hajj. Saudi Arab also issues visas for personal and family visits. Still, traveling to the Kingdom is largely restricted.

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As per the new plan now Saudi Arab would issue visas to the group of visitors via an authorized tour operator. This was reported by the Arab News on Sunday.

Officials were hopeful that a city in the Northwest of Saudi Arab—Tabuk would be attracting many visitors and would be the site for tourists in the Kingdom.

The Executive Committee of Tabuk Tourism Development Council along with Jamal Al-Fakhri—Member Shoura Council stated that the tourism would be promoted and encouraged by the help of Public Investment Fund. This would then diversify the Kingdom’s job market.

Al-Fakhri further said that the Saudi Commission and National Heritage has been involved in organizing workshops related to tourism training for the youth. These workshops are on topics relating to the founding of small tourism ventures and techniques for raising the safety in tourism institutions.

The workshop also provides information relating to the worth of remnants, urban inheritance and, historical constructions.

Al-Fakhi also said that the tourists would be welcome in a port city of Saudi Arab that is Jizan.

Back in August the Kingdom announced its plans of constructing a “semi-autonomous” visa-free travel destination along the northwest Red Sea coast.

The resort area which is to be build from the Public Investment Fund is personalized towards global luxury and the ones seeking good travel. It was also notified that the religious laws like veils for women and gender segregation would not be applied in this area of the Kingdom.

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Ever since the crowning of Mohammad Bin Salman the country has witnessed a number of changes including the Kingdom’s plan of building NEOM, a mega venture billed as regional Silicon Valley other than an entertainment city in Riyadh which would give competition to Walt Disney.