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Sania Mirza Slams Veena Malik on Twitter Post Pakistan’s Defeat

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza slams Veena Malik on social media after the Pakistani actress accused the tennis star on her parenting method.

Veena Malik—a Pakistani actor has slammed the Indian tennis star—Sania Mirza following a picture and video that went viral of the tennis star with her husband—Shoaib Malik and other Pakistani cricketers visiting a sheesha café a night prior to the Pakistan-India match.

The picture and video went viral on Sunday night and started a controversy as Pakistan experienced a defeat against India in the match owing to the poor performance of the players.

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On Twitter, Veena Malik reacted to the now deleted fan viral video questioning the parenting method of the tennis player.

Veena Malik tweeted that she is actually worried for the kid. She went further and added that sheesha place is dangerous for taking kids along. She also wrote that Archie’s is a junk food point which is not healthy both for athletes and boys.

To this tweet, Sania Mirza responded and tweeted that she cares more for her son than anyone else. She slammed Veena and added that she did not take her child to the Sheesha café and added that it is nobody’s business. She also said that she is not the mother or dietician of the Pakistani cricket team.

After the loss of Pakistan against India, fans accused Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza and other Pakistani cricketers of being at the sheesha café until 2 am in the morning.

But it is pertinent to mention that the viral video was of the June 14 not of June 15.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has given clarification in a statement that no player had broken the curfew and all players came back to their rooms on time the night prior to the Pakistan India match.

PCB further mentioned that the players went out with their families 2 days before the match.

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