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Sania Mirza Reveals Information about her Biopic

Sania Mirza said that as of yet nothing has been finalized about a biopic on her life. There were rumors that a film is being made on the life of Sania Mirza and that Rohit Shetty will be leading this project.

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But Sania Mirza said,  “No, not yet… There’s obviously been a lot of talk going on and in pipeline. But there’s nothing official yet.”

Sania Mirza is married to Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik. She is currently expecting her first child who will be surnamed Mirza-Malik.

Talking about this surname for her baby, she said,  “That is something that has come from being a woman and being in a position that I have been in all my life… Coming from a culture where a lot of people unfortunately feel that having a boy will take the family and its name forward, and will be the chirag of the family. I come from a family of two girls and we never felt the need to ever have a brother and we were never treated differently.”

Adding, “That’s the kind of thought process that really is in that. It’s a pretty simple thing. At the end of the day, my husband is obviously someone who thinks that way as well. And it takes a very secure and a strong man to say I want my wife’s name along with mine. So I think that’s really what it was. Mirza-Malik is something that we always wanted. Even when we were not planning a baby many years ago… We used to talk about it that one day we would name the baby Mirza-Malik… We are looking forward to it, and regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, we are really proud to go with both our names.”

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