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Sangakkara Looks Forward to his Pakistan Visit as Part of MCC Delegation

Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara—the ex Sir Lankan captain has expressed his willingness to visit Pakistan as part of the Melbourne Cricket Club—MCC delegation.

The ex-Sri Lankan cricketer has made history by becoming the first non-British player to become the president of MCC. Besides, that he was also a part of the Sri Lankan team which was attacked back in 2009 in Pakistan.

The terrorist incident closed the doors for the international cricket for Pakistan until the Sri Lanka’s very recent tour to Pakistan.

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Kumar Sangakkara unveiled that how MCC has been planning a tour to Pakistan. He provided additional details that Wasim Khan—the PCB MD has been with them in many presentations at the World Cricket Committee and has presented the different plans in terms of security and otherwise as to how that tour could go ahead.

He lauded the efforts of PCB to revive the international cricket in Pakistan and praised the security situation of the country.

Sangakkara said that Pakistan is doing a huge amount of work for ensuring that it is a safe place for the countries to tour. He said that gradually but definitely cricket would return to Pakistan and the players from Pakistan would be able to play in front of their own crowd.

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