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Sanam Saeed Urges All to be Grateful

Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed recently shared it on social media account an important message about life in quarantine. She asked her fans to be grateful for their blessings and to not worry about the lives of other people.

She took it to Instagram and wrote that we should not stop to look at the good in everything and that we all should strive to be the best version of ourselves and to be cautious of our intentions before our actions.

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What happened to looking for the good in everything? Striving to be the best version of ourselves? Being mindful, checking our intentions before our actions. What happened to peace, tolerance and kindness. Being locked away in quarantine seems to be bringing out the worst in us now instead of visibly showing growth and reflecting change. Stop worrying about other people's lives. Let's stop being so harsh and looking for a topic or a person to attack. With so many free for all opinions we are all basically damned if we do or damned if we don't talk about something. Lets move away from blame games and competitiveness and bitterness. Let's celebrate life my friends. Be grateful for those of us who are alive and ok. Be grateful to have so many opportunities in life we have just been too distracted to harness. Don't let social media platforms control your thoughts and opinions. Try not to spend time worrying about being left behind, or being so judgmental about other. These are all a huge distraction from spending more time manifesting and visualizing your goals and dreams. Your belief systems create your thoughts, which create your feelings, which create your actions, which create your results. Don't let those internal systems and guiding forces within you be dampened or over taken by unnecessary things. And please be nicer to one another instead of so mean and nasty. That unpleasantness that we dish out so confidently hiding behind our screens is a reflection of the lack of empathy and happiness we have inside us. We are all hurting at some level or at some point in time. Come, let's try to change that and heal ourselves and one another by making that one small intentional shift in our thoughts and actions. Just a feeling and some thoughts i felt the urge to share today. 🙏 Ps: main angrzi main sochti houn issi liay angrezi main in ehsasat ko likhay. Jo jo shakhs social media pay hai, angrezi parh hi laitay hain. Koshish karoongi aik dafa urdu main bhi aik post kardoun. Tub tuk maaf karna aur Khush raho. 💕

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She also said that what got wrong with peace, kindness, and tolerance. She further added that being locked away in quarantine seems to be bringing out the worst version of ours instead of affecting us positively and adding to our growth and change. She further added that let’s stop to be harsh and to look for a person or topic to attack.

She asked all to be grateful for the ones around them who are alive and okay and for all the opportunities that life has got.

She continued by saying that she does not allow social media platforms to take charge of your thoughts and opinions.

She urged all to try to heal themselves and one another by making a small deliberate shift in their thoughts and actions as we all hurt others at some level or at some point in time.

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