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Sanam Saeed Cannot Wait to Go Back to the Cinemas

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Sanam Saeed, the famous actor of Pakistan’s showbiz industry has taken it to social media to share that she cannot wait to return to the cinemas.

Cinemas like many other places have been closed in the country for controlling the spread of the virus.

She took it to Twitter and tweeted she is hoping and praying that everything else along with the cinemas become a safe zone for all to go back to inshaAllah.

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The starlet also said that movies cannot be taken away from them.

She extended her wishes to Mahira Khan for her upcoming movie, the actress also said that she cannot wait for all these amazing movies to be shown on the big screen.

In the meantime, the singer Ali Sethi also shared that he misses the live concerts.

He expressed that he has heard a panel of epidemiologists saying that there may be no live concerts for another year.

He also added that he misses and wishes that he could interface however wrote that he also understands that to ensure each other’s safety is the most significant thing right now.

On the other hand, Gohar Rasheed and Faryal Mehmood have paired up for an upcoming movie about Lockdown.

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