Samsung will begin manufacturing 3nm chips for servers

Last year, we learned that Samsung Foundry began the mass production of its 3nm chips. However, there were no details about the first customer of the 3nm chips. Some rumors predicted that the company was supplying the 3nm ASIC chips for cryptocurrency. According to fresh pieces of information, it appears that Samsung has another client on the list.

Recent reports predict that Samsung Foundry will begin manufacturing server-grade SiP (System-in-Package) with HBM (High-Bandwidth Memory) chips. Now the question arises as to who the potential customer is. Well, the information just indicates that it is some anonymous client from the US. The chips use Samsung’s AD technology. Besides this, there are not many details about the chip except that it features 2.5D packaging technology and HBM memory. There are no details on whether the company is using the SF3E or SF3 here.

We are happy to be able to announce this 3-nano design partnership with AD Technology, said Jeong Ki-bong, Vice President of the Business Development Team at Samsung Electronics Foundry Division. This project will serve as a model for future collaborations between ecosystem partners and Samsung Electronics Foundry Division. To give customers the greatest quality, Samsung Electronics Foundry Division will intensify its partnership with its suppliers.

Although the South Korean tech giant began the mass production of 3nm chips earlier than TSMC, it failed to acquire clients like MediaTek, Nvidia, AMD, Apple, and Qualcomm. The availability of Samsung’s second-generation 3nm process (SF3), which permits different nanosheet channel widths within the same cell type and offers better power, performance, and area than SF3, is anticipated for early next year. By 2025, the company will be done with SF3P which is the company’s 3rd-gen 3nm chip fabrication process that offers improved performance. It can be used for manufacturing smartphone chips and servers.

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