Samsung unveils the SmartThings Station at CES 2023

Samsung comes up with a variety of home appliances as well as TV products at CES 2023. Reportedly, Samsung also showcased an amazing product for smart home devices. The tech giant revealed the SmartThings station. For laymen, a SmartThings station is a multi-functional device. It is capable of controlling various SmartThings or smart home devices compatible with Matter. Moreover, this station can even charge your smartphone and wireless earbuds wirelessly.

The SmartThings station is equipped with a physical button. This button is used for activating smart home schedules build on the SmartThings app. The station is quite convenient to use and set up. Reportedly, the station has no display screen. For communication, the station sends a notification to the connected smartphone or tablet. Devices can be set up on the station by scanning the QR codes. All details and information will appear on the connected device. Thus, making it easier to use and set up.  

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected to the station. Users can connect lighting, thermostats, power outlets, and other such devices. Users can customize the environment in accordance with their needs. Tasks could be performed via a single press. For instance, the tech company mentioned that users can turn off the lights and close the blinds using the station.

The SmartThings Station is capable of storing three schedules. These schedules can be activated via a short press, a long press, or a double press. In addition to this, the smart home hub can even find your Galaxy device. The most interesting part of this device is that it functions as a wireless charging station as well. By placing devices on the station, 15W of wireless charging speed can be attained.

The station will be initially available to consumers in the US and South Korea. It is offered in two distinct color options i.e., white and black. Right now, the price details have not been shared. However, we can expect further details by February 2023.