Samsung surpasses Google and secures the top ranking globally

YouGov is a global polling company. As per the results of YouGov, the electronics by Samsung beat Google. Thus, making it to the top of the Global Best Brand Rankings list. In 2021, Google secured the top position. But it appears like Samsung has taken the position secured by Google as of 2022.

As per the YouGov Global Best Brand Rankings 2022, Samsung Electronics scored 127 points. On 20 November the list was revealed. This is quite a big achievement for Samsung. Given the fact that Samsung jumped from its previous fourth position [as of 2020], to second position [as of 2021], and now finally secured the top position.

The previous topper i.e., Google scored 106 points. It ranked second on the list. Followed by Google, YouTube with 85 points, Netflix with 59 points, and Shopee with 51 points made their appearance on the list. Shopee is a Southeast Asian e-commerce company. The sixth position was secured by WhatsApp with 50 points. It was followed by Toyota with 41 points, Colgate with 34 points, Mercedes-Benz having 34 points, and Lidl securing 33 points.

The rankings by YouGov are based on multiple factors. These factors include:

  • Quality
  • Satisfaction
  • Value
  • Impression
  • Recommendation

It targets the best brands in 38 markets, thus including 380 brands in total. As per BusinessKorea, the results indicate that Samsung secured the first position in Korea, the Netherlands, Vietnam, and Ireland. While it ranked second in the UK as well as France.

In Germany, Australia, and Indonesia Samsung secured 5th position. While it gained 6th position in UAE and the USA. However, it gained the seventh rank in Brazil and ninth in Denmark and Canada. It is quite surprising that Adidas and Nike were not included in the 2022 list. While they made their presence in the top 10 of last year. Where Toyota and Mercedes have jumped to the highest of the rankings.

The scores were established on YouGov’s estimate. The estimate took into account the 12-month brand ranking through September 2022. Samsung ranked among the top ten brands for 2022 in 19 out of the 38 markets. Undoubtedly the company has earned customer confidence via its innovative mobile phones, SmartThings apps as well as other innovative products. The company is still busy entering new horizons.