Samsung Starts Mass production For LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory uMCP Package

As a global leader in advanced memory technology, Samsung Electronics has just announced that it has begun mass production of the latest generation of LPDDR5 UFS multi-chip package (uMCP) solutions for smartphones. The biggest feature of this series of products is the integration of high-speed LPDDR5 DRAM + UFS 3.1 NAND flash memory, which can bring a flagship-level performance experience to the majority of smartphone users.

From Samsung Vice President Young-soo Sohn Electronics’ memory product planning team said:

Thanks to improvements in manufacturing processes and packaging technologies, the latest generation of LPDDR5 uMCP enables consumers to obtain uncompromising streaming, gaming, and mixed reality experiences even on entry-level devices.

As devices compatible with 5G mobile networks become more and more mainstream, we expect the innovation of uMCP multi-chip packaging technology to accelerate the transition and penetration of the 5G market into the daily lives of ordinary consumers.

It is reported that based on the latest mobile DRAM and NAND interfaces, Samsung’s uMCP solution can provide lightning speed and high storage capacity with extremely low power consumption.

This combination will immerse more consumers in 5G applications that were previously only available on high-end flagship models, including advanced photography, graphics-intensive games, and augmented reality.

Specifically, the LPDDR5 uMCP solution improves DRAM performance by nearly 50% (from 17 GB/s to 25 GB/s), and NAND flash memory performance has also doubled (from 1.5 GB/s to 3 GB), which is far superior to The UFS 2.2 solution in the previous LPDDR4X era.

In addition, the new generation of uMCP technology integrates DRAM and NAND storage components into a compact package measuring only 11.5×13 mm. By leaving more space for other features, this move maximizes the phone’s space utilization.

For OEM mobile phone manufacturers, it can also be easily customized to achieve different storage combinations such as 6 / 12GB RAM + 128 / 256GB ROM that can meet the entire mid-to-high-end market segment.

At present, Samsung has completed the compatibility test of LPDDR5 uMCP products with many smartphone manufacturers around the world. If all goes well, we expect terminal products to enter the mainstream market this month.