Samsung shifts its focus toward the development of special OLED panels for future iPads

Samsung has been supplying OLED panels to Apple for quite some time now. It begins with the introduction of the first Apple Watch by Apple. The supply has been expanded since then. Now it also caters to the iPhones. As of now, it is reported that the South Korean firm is all set to supply OLED panels for future iPads.

In accordance with a report by TheElec, Samsung Display has prioritized its strategy for the development of special OLED panels. These special OLED panels will be utilized in certain iPad models in 2024. Before the company aimed to develop full-cut OLED panels. Given the demand and requirement for OLED panels for iPads, the company has started developing two-stack tandem OLED panels. In addition to this, such panels could even be utilized in some Apple Macs as well.

Two-stack OLED panels utilize two layers of pixels rather than one. It is based on hybrid tech. thus, offering more brightness and long life as compared to the recent OLED panels utilized in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, and laptops. Generally, OLED panels have a short lifespan as well as burn-in issues. That is why Apple is looking for a solution with two-stack tandem OLED panels.

In comparison, full-cut OLED panels are more advanced than two-stack OLED panels. However, from a business point of view, it is beneficial for the company to produce panels with huge demand possibly in the future. Given this reason, Samsung Display has put the production of full-cut OLED panels aside.