Samsung Mocked iPhone in Its New “Ingenius” Ads

Samsung mocked Apple

Samsung has been promoting its new phone—Galaxy S9. In doing the promotions it has continued doing the mocking ad game against Apple. Samsung mocked Apple in its newly released advertisements. It compares Galaxy S9 with Apple’s iPhone, however with an official introduction of the phone, Samsung has maintained its trend of making the mocking ads and has just replaced S9 with Note 9.

A pair of new ads has been released recently by Samsung, making an addition to the “Ingenius” ad campaign. The company is now doing promotions of its Note 9 by mocking Apple and its iPhone X.

The first ad of the newly released ads is focused on Galaxy Note 9’s power as Samsung has claimed it to be the most powerful note ever. In the ad, the Apple employee is seen indicating the ability of the iPhone X to unlock with the face, which is a powerful feature, upon which the customer informs him that Note 9 could do the same.

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To this, the employee informs the customer regarding the iOS 12’s ability to support the FaceTime calls with up to like thirty-two people at the same time to which he was asked that why would anyone want this feature.

The second ad shows and highlights upon the iconic S pen of Note 9 which comes with Note, whereas the Apple Pencil works only on iPads.

The “ingenius” ad campaign has been going on for some weeks. Samsung has always been funny, clever, brief and direct when it comes to its advertisements. It definitely knows the art of showing its phone is better than any other.

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